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Unsolved AMT Mysteries: 3PL Trends


In the last blog post we covered the meaning of “3PL” since it is what we do here at A.M. Transport and the term is used frequently in our blog and social media. (In fact, I just had someone ask me what it stood for yesterday). As a reminder, 3PL stands Third-Party Logistics* or “ A person who solely receives, holds, or otherwise transports a consumer product in the ordinary course of business but who does not take title to the product.” Sound like a bunch of fuzzy non-sense? Let’s talk about A.M. Transport. We do not own any trucks. We do not ship any freight. But there are shippers (with freight) and carriers (with trucks) out there in the world who need each others’ services. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers while helping them move freight in the most efficient way and make the process as seamless as possible. In order to do this, we pay attention to what our customers are saying as well as what is happening in the industry. Speaking of the industry, right now is a really great time to be involved because there is so much innovation and creativity happening. Which brings us to the topic of trends…

3PLs have seen significant growth over the past few years and this is expected to continue.  Along with growth, of course, comes competition. 3PLs are paying attention to trends in an effort to stay ahead of the game. Right now, the trends have a fairly clear theme. TECHNOLOGY. With the adoption of advanced logistics software, 3PLs have a plethora of information at their fingertips and are capable of managing financials, processing orders, and tracking in real-time all within the same online system. Technology is even changing customer relations. The way that 3PLs connect and communicate with customers looks completely different than it did 10 years ago. Gone are the days when the telephone was the only option and customers were left to deal with busy signals and overloaded phone lines. Now, much of the communication between customers and 3PLs is conducted through email and many transactions are handled online (some are even automated). There is an art to maintaining personal relationships with customers while balancing it with use of technology and alternative forms of communication. This is why our employees are always striving to improve and find unique ways to develop and foster these relationships.

*Our account manager featured in the photo does in fact know the meaning of 3PL but we couldn’t pass up that expression- Sorry Andrea!

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