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Unsolved AMT Mysteries

A Day in the Life of an Account Manager


As part of our “Unsolved AMT Mysteries” Series, we are taking a peek into the daily lives of some of our employees to get a better idea of what their role really entails. Today our featured employee is Laura Matthews, Account Manager.

How long have you been in your current position?

Since I started in November 2011

What is the first thing you do when you get here in the morning?

Put my stuff down and turn on my computer.

(Laura’s “stuff” pictured here)

 laura stuff

If you had to create your own job description using 2 sentences, what would it be?

I build relationships with customers while being a problem solver at the same time.

What are your customers like? What type of people do you serve?

They are awesome!  They are down to earth people that are fun to talk to.

What does you team look like? How do you communicate?

There are 2 ladies including myself and 5 gentlemen. We sit close together, so we can talk over our desks. Occasionally we have to use email or slack (an online chat system) to communicate about certain items. If I’m in the middle of something or on the phone, email is the best way to go, so nothing gets overlooked.

Charlie Award


Also, they call her out whenever she can’t remember what year a song came out…especially when she is off by 9 years 🙂


Are there times you work independently?

Yes, but mostly everything I do has at least one other person working with me.

What keeps you motivated to come to work each day?

Besides the obvious paycheck, it is a lot of fun. Each day is different with the challenges that we come across as well as the conversations I have with customers and coworkers. I work with a great team of people, and they make work more fun!!


What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?  

It’s very fast paced, so find a way to stay organized and to keep track of everything. You don’t have to have a Logistics background, but as long as you have a good attitude and willing to learn new things, you will do well.

What is the most challenging part of this job?

Changing topics quickly. There are several carrier managers on our team, and they may all need something from me in a matter of a few seconds, so going from one to the next so quickly and then remembering it all can be challenging.




Funniest story?

I don’t know if it’s necessarily funny…but my water broke at work. It was at the very end of the day. I felt a rubberband snap feeling in my belly but nothing more. So, I decided to finish up a couple things really quickly and when I got up to go into the bathroom, it was definitely obvious that my water did indeed break. I came back and said “well, I guess I’m gonna go to the hospital now.” Rob looked at me and asked if he could drive me.

Hero Rob ->


What do you do when you get home from work? How do you spend time on the weekends?

Play with my kids, run errands, cook supper, enjoy family time. On the weekend it could vary from playing with the kids at home to going to the zoo or going to visit family out of town. This weekend we have a family reunion and Caleb’s 2nd Birthday

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Everything with my kids, I enjoy taking pictures, swimming and riding the side by side





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