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Real-time Truck Tracking for All Your 3PL Shipment Needs

Hire AMT consultants and take the guesswork out of pickup, transport, and delivery! We know where your freight is 24/7, and you will too!

Why Real-time Truck Tracking Is Essential To Your Shipping

Real-time tracking keeps you in the know. Using a high-touch model, we track your freight all along the supply chain. We use this information to predict problems and create solutions before your supply chain is interrupted!

Delayed freight costs you money! Don’t pay extra for back charges from contractors and missed delivery appointments. Our real-time tracking and visibility provides shipment location from pickup to delivery.

Sometimes your supply chain doesn’t allow for slack. Our logistics tracking system puts you in control of your shipments and gives you the information you need to proactively adjust production or manufacturing based on distribution.

Knowledge is power! Our real-time truck visibility gives you the necessary information to keep all stakeholders in the knowledge loop, both enhancing collaboration and decision-making!

Assess, Initialize, Monitor–Tracking the AMT Way!

1. Assess

We assess each situation and determine the best technology based on contracted carrier, length of haul, and visibility requirements.

2. Initialize

We initialize tracking with the contracted carrier through a driver’s mobile phone or the power unit’s onboard GPS.

3. Monitor

Our proactive monitoring alerts shippers and consignees of potential issues and provides time for creative solutions.

Freight Tracking Software Features

Our logistics tracking software and interactive portal gives shippers the competitive edge.

GPS Tracking

Our software automates carrier tracking and provides hard data to remove bottlenecks and resolve issues before they occur.

Location Services

View location and updated ETA of every shipment both simultaneously and in real-time.


Receive automated departure, arrival, and pre-arrival notifications with customized Geo-Fencing.

Custom Views

Leverage user-defined fields to create custom views for locations, shipment characteristics and more.


Our scheduling technology tracks drive-time. Keeping track of a driver’s available hours is more important than ever.

Mobile App

Log-in to our cutting-edge portal for real-time tracking, updates, appointment times, and shipping information.

The AMT Advantage: More than Perfect Tracking


With 30 years experience in the logistics industry, our logisticians use their extensive knowledge to analyze, predict, and strategize, ensuring on-time, no-hassle delivery of your freight.


We’ve invested years in the study and practical use of the best technologies the industry has to offer! We provide GPS Tracking, GEO Fencing, TMS, and EDI Integration tailored to your needs.


Relationships matter! With over 10,000 approved carriers, our logistics experts can match your freight with the best mode of transport to streamline your supply chain for optimum efficiency.

Customer Service

Our transportation specialists are the best in the business with expertise at every level of the supply chain. Available 24/7/365, we are always accessible for questions and updates!