This is a picture of two hands shaking to show that relationships are key in business dealings.

What the Memes Don’t Tell You, (but your freight broker can) About Securing Capacity

2020 and Capacity Shortages

If you are on social media at all, you’ve seen many memes about 2020 being a year we’d just like to get through. From illness, quarantining, and school and business closures to the continued need for masks, social distancing, and political unrest, 2020 has so far been unexpectedly rough. And that’s doubly true in logistics.

If you have freight, you are more than aware of capacity shortages. With the future of federal assistance up in the air and a driver shortage plagued by the pandemic, the drug and alcohol clearinghouse testing, and fears about safety, it’s increasingly difficult to find trucks. And when you do, it’s more expensive than you expected. 


The importance of relationships.

Here at AM Transport, we help customers just like you because we believe in the power of relationships in good times and in bad times. Here’s the problem, lots of shippers work hard to be considered a “shipper of choice” when capacity is tight. Think about 2018. You couldn’t pick up a logistics journal without seeing articles about how important it is for shippers to create beneficial relationships with carriers. 

But as usual, when capacity loosens up, so do those same relationships. We get it. You want cheaper rates. And so those relationships you worked hard on can fall to the wayside in the pursuit of those cheaper rates. Except that the market shifts–sometimes when we don’t expect it. And when that happens, you are much better off with great relationships that can help you navigate the ups and downs of a fickle freight market.

If you’re working with a freight broker, hopefully they’ll take care of the relationship part for you. That’s what we do here at AMT.


So how does our focus on relationships help you?

Let’s talk about small carriers first. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and we work with a large group of core carriers, and that gives you an advantage. Our long-term relationships include carriers you would never find on your own. These are small service-oriented companies with low driver turnover, long business histories, and excellent safety ratings.

Add to that the relationship we cultivate with you. We get to know you. We provide you with a single point of contact. But we don’t stop there. Our carrier reps are logistics professionals with long tenure in the transportation industry. They take a look at your lanes and networks and they match you with the best carriers for your needs. 

For us, it’s not a zero-sum game. Everyone wins when we focus on strong relationships. You get consistent, reliable service at a fair price. And the excellent carriers we work with get to work with you. It helps everyone during times of turbulence because we focus on the long game.


If your freight broker doesn’t focus on relationships, give us a call today. A longstanding relationship with folks who understand your business, your lanes, and the best carriers in the business will provide you cost-savings during good times and bad.